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Connect with Your Home, Office/Shop From  Anywhere In The World Via this Camera

GET INVOVLED IN THE SECURITY OF YOUR BUSINESS, HOUSES, PROPERTIES AND SECURE THE FUTURE OF YOUR SHOP/OFFICE OR ORGANIZATION TODAY! Save lives, Properties and Millions of Naira that could be lost by taking part in the security of your investments.

This innovative smart home camera is one of the most advanced safety solution in the market. The 360° fisheye lens ensures you keep an eye on your properties by enabling you to see every corner of the room, office or shop at once (in full HD) 

This Advance 360 Degree Camera:

  • Record videos
  • Captures and save images right on your phone
  • Detects and alert you when there is movement in restricted areas.
  • Two-way audio you can talk to the camera and hear from the camera.
  • Night vision which enable it to work and see in the dark.
  • Alarm messaging and most importantly the 360°panoramic view, is what sets it apart from any other competitor in the market as it can do the work of 4 CCTV camera at a time.
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Most businesses; Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Shops/Restaurants and even most homes had fallen victim of rubbery, smuggling and unnoticed activities that led to lost of important documents, money and even human lives because there is no proper record of activities, actions and movements.  With the “ Panoramic” 360 Angle View Camera , your House, businesses, properties is covered by the “Ever Watchful Panoramic Camera” 

The camera can be powered using Solar, Inverter, Electricity, Generator, Power Bank and any other source that can generate electric current.


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Normal Price: N35,000

Promo Price:  N25,000

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Plus Powerbanks

With this device, your room, office,shop or wherever you want to monitor is right in your hand every where you go. 360 degree Panoramic Camera is widely used by people to be in total control of  activities and movements and keeping proper account of it.


  • 360° Smart Home Camera
  • USB Power Cable (required at all times for the camera to operate)
  • Screws
  • Sticker
  •  Guide
  • App barcon



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